I am so confused with some word problems math is not my strong point here is the problem if you know how to solve it please tell me how to solve but just don't give me the answer
Austin has 42 paperback books that are either Mysteries or science fiction. If he has 16 more Mysteries than science fiction books, how many mysteries does he have?

Let x be the number of mysteries. Then there will be x - 16 science fiction books.
x + (x -16) = 2x - 16 = 42
which reduces to
2x = 58

Solve for x.

i don't know how you got that but i talked to a real tutor and 2x doesnt equal 58 it equals 26

youre right danielle; drwls made a slight mistake in his algebra; check the solution that i posted


M - 16 = S because he was 16 more mysteries than scifis.

M + S = 42 because he has a total of 42 mysteries and scifis

M + S = 42
M - 16 = S

M + (M - 16) = 42
M + M - 16 = 42
2M - 16 = 42
2M = 26
M = 13

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