Thank you very much for your corrections. I still have a few doubts about the following alternatives. I really hope you can look at them, too.

1.Lucrezia fears that the passers-by could have noticed her husband’s strange behavior.
2.All the characters are hypocrites. The greatest hypocrite is Dr. Jekyll.
3.You didn’t mention the cause of Septimus’s fear. Instead, you dwelled upon unimportant details regarding his physical appearance. You should try to develop your personal ideas into cohesive paragraphs. (?)
4.You stated the exact opposite in the sentence above.
5.She goes to the flower shop window and looks out.
6.She thinks of the books ( which) has received and has never had time to read. She notices how some of them have been inscribed to her “by the hand of the poet himself”. She decides that none of them can be sent to the lighthouse.
7.There isn’t logical or chronological order or subjective time. (how can I correct the conjunctions?)
8.She thinks of the rent of the house, which is only two pence half penny.
9.The theme of the double is expressed through (and not by) many symbols.
10.At (?) the bursting of a car’s tyre Clarissa looks out of the window with curiosity.
11.Avoid using contracted forms in your paragraphs as they are usually confined to informal writing (?).

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  1. First question: "She thinks of the books ( which) has received" = WHO has received? she? #6

    7. There is no logical, chronological order nor subjective time. (Is that what you mean?)

    9. either but I like "by"

    Everything else seems fine.


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