what effects have the national indian gaming association, the bureau of indian affairs, and the national congress of american indians have in reducing tribal poverty and encouraging prosperity?

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  1. Very little because most tribes don't have gaming licenses.

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  2. Check the resources recommended by your course materials for more information.

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  3. The effect that these organizations have had on reducing tribal poverty and encouraging prosperity has been a positive one. because the different tribes are able to run casinos on the reservations this has given american indians a way to be able to survive and prosper in today's society. The different organizations also give american indians the opportunity to be able to attend higher education so that they can be able to run a successful business and create job opportunities for other tribal members.

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  4. These organizations have done very little on reducing tribal poverty and encouraging prosperity. As noted in our text: Today’s Native Americans are the “most undernourished, most short-lived, least educated, least healthy.” The BIA was organized to be in charge of the accounts of landowners. However, they have failed in every way. Most Indian Americans only receive about $20 a month for their land. A lot of this land has been leased out to the government and they are drilling oil on this land which is very rich in minerals, one barrel of this oil is sold for $21, and the government is only giving the Indian Americans $20 a month?

    The National Congress of American Indians, also known as NCAI, was founded in 1944 in Denver, registered itself as a lobby in Washington, D.C., hoping to make the Native American perspective heard in the aftermath of the Reorganization Act. They were concerned about white people meddling in their business.

    Casinos have helped some tribes but only about one-third of the recognized Indian tribes have gambling ventures. As sited in our text: There are two important factors that need to be considered. First, the impact of this revenue is limited. The tribes that make substantial revenue from gambling are a small fraction of all Native American people. Second, even on reservations that benefit from gambling enterprises, the levels of unemployment are substantially higher and the family income significantly lower than for the nation as a whole.

    Indian Americans are making tremendous gains but the rest of the world is not standing still. As Native American income rises, so does White income. As Native American children stay in school longer, so do White children. American Indian health care improves, but so does White health care. Advances have been made, but the gap between the two stay the same.

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