1. It is five stops from here.

(What does 'it' refer to? Is 'for' missing before 'five stops'?)

2. That makes two of us.
(What is the meaning of this expression?)
A: I don't like this movie at all.
B: That makes two of us.

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  1. 1. "It" must refer to the bus stop (or train stop) where the speaker wants to get off ... his/her destination. The word "for" is not needed.

    2. "That makes two of us" is an idiomatic expression that basically says, "I agree with you." (you + I = two)

    A and B are correct.

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  2. "It" in this case refers to whatever the topic was that y ou were talking about. It could be a word, situation , etc.

    Again "that" is a general term like "it."


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