To Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue I just realized that I missed out the climax:-( Now I am confused. What would the climax be?

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  1. Isn't the climax the same as the crisis?

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  2. It's the highest point on the plot. The crisis is behind it. I have been given a plot outline, and there is a separate crisis and climax box. I always get ixed up between the two, and do not know what to write. Any suggestions?

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  3. In your story, the climax is when the ugly duckling realizes the grandma's plan and escapes.

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  4. Thank you Ms. Sue, and thanks a lot for that site. I will definitely look through it. I love interactive sites, they help me understand about things a whole lot better. Thank you very much

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  5. Also would the crisis be when the grandma finds the duckling and takes him home with her?

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  6. Yes.

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