Thnak you for your invaluable help.
Can you please check these sentences, too?

1) The pilgrims are directed towards Canterbury Cathedral, where the holy shrine of Thomas Becket is kept (?).
2) She was careful to appear beautiful and smart. (she cared for appearance)
3) Nature comes alive in spring.
4) He mentions the leaves, whose life source contains/holds a liquid that makes the flowers sprout.
5) One of your sentences is incomplete and another contains a word which is totally disconnected from the context.
6) You simply reportedword by word what is written in your book or on the photocopy without organizing your ideas into cohesive paragraphs.
7) The reader can make his own mind on the situation (or can form his own opinion?)
8) She ate making sure not to make a mess.
9) Her forehead wasn't covered by a veil as it shoud have been.
10) The characters are presented as dynamic rather than static as it was the case in the Middle Ages.
11) His tone is ironical since he wants to communicate the reader the things he doesn't approve of the prioress.
12) She worries about singing with the correct intonation (and not she is worried about singing?)
13) As for/to her physical appearance, she was quite tall and had grey eyes.

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  1. Franco, The teachers here know that you are a non-English speaker. However, we also have seen you working very hard and you have improved your writing ability more than 100%. Now, you need to trust yourself more. Writeacher has given you some very good advice on how to proceed from this point. Follow it, I am sure you will be pleased by the result. Very best wishes. We are proud of what you have accomplished.

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