Thank you very much for your help.
I still have problems with a few sentence. I hope you can have a look at them too.

1)Can't I switch from the present to the past if I want to refer to a historical event?
2) Do not use contracter forms when writing your composition.
3) The pilgrims are described by (?) their clothes and profession.
4) He doesn't describe the lower-classes (or the poorer classes?) because those couldn't have afforded the expense of te journey.
5) He describes Zephyrus, who (which?) in Greek mythology was the God of the wind.
6) He describes spring like (as) a period of time which brings rain.
7) Can you say "The original Canterbury Tales project??"
He tells us directly what he sees so the reader can decide for himself if what he reads is true (OR whether or not what he reads is true?)
8) How can I improve this sentence: "The sun is personified by the Ram?"
9) It is spring which drives them to start their pilgrimage to Thomas Becket's shrine???
10) Do you say "to make a pilgrimage, to go on a pilgrimage, to start off to go on a pilgrimage?

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  1. 1. fine
    2. contracted
    3. fine
    4. I think I would use "poorer" because some of those people are "lower class"
    5. Persons = who, things = which
    6. as
    7. That does not need quotes except around the actual title. "if"


    10. you make pilgrimages.

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