A centripetal force acts

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    The mass of the sled and its two riders in Figure 5.5 is 243 kg. Find the magnitude of the centripetal force that acts on the sled during the turn with a radius of (a) 33.0 m and (b) 24.0 m.

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    true or false If a net force acts on an object, the object's speed will change. An object's velocity will change if a net force acts on the object. If two object have the same acceleration, they are under the influence of equal

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    please check these answers for me When an object is moving with uniform circular motion, the centripetal acceleration of the object a. is circular b. is perpendicular to the plane of motion c. is zero d. is directed toward the

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    What causes the centripetal acceleration of an electron in a hydrogen atom? electrical attraction gravity friction


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    The question is: Sometimes, road surfaces have banked curves. Use an FBD to explain how this helps cars to make turns more safely. My answer is: Road surfaces have banked curves to allow for more centripetal force, which then

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