Communications 220

Create a thesis for your research paper. How do you plan on supporting your thesis with compelling arguments and coutner arguments?

This is what I have so far. Please let me know if I need to further explain how I will support the arguments and if the thesis I have created is acceptable or if you notice any changes I could make to improve this assingment. Thank you.

Create a thesis statement for your research paper.
“Even though some people believe legalizing marijuana could benefit the economy and the severely ill, adverse health effects and lack of supporting evidence show that the drug should not be legalized.”
This is the first draft of my thesis statement. As of right now, I do not believe my viewpoint or opinion will change. The premises in my arguments may change because I may discover more information I would like to use. I may also choose to eliminate certain information. I may also discover that certain information would be better suited to support my thesis. This is just what I have so far. In my opinion, thesis statements are very effective at getting the attention of the audience when they include counter arguments. That is why I chose this specific structure for my thesis statement. The information in the sentence may change, but the structure of the sentence will probably stay as close to this original as I can make it.

How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments?
I plan on supporting my thesis with strong arguments that support my claims. I plan on using facts, studies, statistics, quotes, and more information from credible sources with high levels of expertise on this subject. I will use all of this information from these credible sources as premises to make my arguments strong. I plan on making my arguments and counter arguments compelling by including information on the topic that is not common knowledge. I will also make the arguments and counter arguments compelling by using opposing viewpoints coming from sources with high levels of expertise on the subject. I will note these opposing viewpoints in my paper, and then provide evidence to refute them. I will also be sure to point out any bias or fallacies in these counter arguments. By using strong, compelling arguments and rebutting viewpoints that oppose my own, I should be able to provide strong support for the thesis in my research paper.
I plan on using all of the research and evidence I can find to prove that there are severe adverse health effects that can be brought on by marijuana use. I also plan to include the adverse mental health affects as well. I will inform the audience possible problems in society brought on by marijuana legalization. I will discuss researchers’ and scientists’ noted lack of supporting evidence for benefits of medical marijuana. This will also be useful for refuting the counter argument that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. I will also use the president’s opinion on marijuana and the economy to attack the counter argument that legalizing marijuana would benefit the economy. I will also point out any economic problems that could be brought on by the legalization of marijuana. To do this, I will use the opinions and predictions of economists. I plan on discussing how the legalization of marijuana could affect the amount of people that use the drug, as well as other negative effects it could have on society. I plan on using opinions from sources with high levels of expertise on drugs and society to get information on the effects legalization could have on society. Effects on driving will also be discussed. This is a portion of the information I have that can be useful in my research paper. My initial response to the issue of marijuana legalization was that marijuana could probably benefit America in many ways if it were legal. After researching this topic, I have found many flaws and problems surrounding the reasons many people believe marijuana should be legalized. I have started working on an outline for my research paper. This will help me to better organize the information I will be using to back up my arguments and support my thesis.

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