cost,volume and profit formulas

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    If C(x) = 12000 + 600x − 0.6x^2 + 0.004x^3 is the cost function and p(x) = 1800 − 6x is the demand function, find the production level that will maximize profit. (Hint: If the profit is maximized, then the marginal revenue

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    the profit of a company, in dollars, is the difference between the company's revenue and cost. the cost C(x), and R(x) are functions for a particular company. the x represents the number of items produced and sold to distributors.

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    For a certain company, the cost function for producing x items is C(x)=40x+150 and the revenue function for selling x items is R(x)=−0.5(x−80)2+3,200. The maximum capacity of the company is 100 items. The profit function P(x)

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    1. a man sells a tv for rupees 3450and makes a profit of 15% . he sells a second tv set at a loss of 10%.if on the whole he neither gains nor loses , find the cost price of the second tv. 2.a man sells two tables at the same

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    all of the following can be used to compute profit per unit except: a) price minus avg total cost. b) total profit divided by quantity. c) avg revenue minus avg total cost d) marginal profit minus marginal cost

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    Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is based entirely on unit costs.” Do you agree? Explain.

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