11th grade

For a child's birthday party, her family perpares goodies bags for the guests. each goodie bag contains 1 notepad, 2 pencils, 1 whistle, 2 cans of silly strings, 3 gummy bear packs, and 1 yo-yo. their current inventory is 30 notepads, 50 pencils, 28 whistles, 45 cans of silly strings, 60 packs of gummy bears and 50 yo-yos.

1) As "goodie bags" are prepared, which item will be used up first ?

2) how many complete goodie bags can be assembled from their current inventory?

3) when the limiting reactant is fully consumed, how much of each of the other items will be left over?

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  1. 30 notepads = 30 bags
    50 pencils = 25 bags
    28 whistles = 28 bags
    45 cans silly strinbgs = 22 bags
    60 packs gummy bears = 20 bags
    50 yo-yos = 50 bags

    I'm sure you can complete these problems from here.

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