1) What would the format of an editoral be (like Title by:______) and would it have columns?
2) How long would it be, a page?
3) Also, would an editoral consist of the thoughts of the writer and their opinion? Before the writer talks about thier opinion would they give an insight on the news, like place, and time?

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  1. And, also an article about a (court?) case, in the Op-Ed section of the New York Times?

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  2. You should read through many editorials to see what they are like. Read many, from different newspapers and by different authors.





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  3. Usually editorials are not signed. They are often two columns in width -- so they are wider than other news articles and opinion pieces.

    The length of editorials varies -- depending upon the subject and the publication. A rough average might be around 500 words.

    Number 3 is right.

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