These are the instructions. Write the correct conjugation of the verbos pronominales in parenthesis to correctly fill the blanks in the following sentences:


Yo me levanto a las ocho. (levantarse)

1. Nuria y Ana despiertan a las nueve. (despertarse)

2. Nosotros no quejamos mucho. (quejarse)

3. Ustedes divierten los fines de semana. (divertirse)

4. Ana y yo sentamos después de correr. (sentarse)

Rewrite the following sentences changing the objeto directo (underlined) to a pronoun (in some instances you may need to change the objeto indirecto to "se"):

12. Le doy la silla.

Me doy las silla.

13. Eduardo lee el libro.

Se lee lo libro.

14. Le mandamos la carta.

Se los mandomos lo carta.

15. Nos manda la carta.
Se los manda lo carta.

These are the questions and my answers. They were wrong and I am not sure what the correct answers would be. I would be grateful for any assistance. Cheers!

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  1. OK, let's begin with the first section. Verbos prenominales are also known as "Reflexive Verbs" because the infinitive with -se on the end identifies that infinitive as a reflexive one. Let's begin with lavarse = to wash oneself
    yo ME lavo = I wash (myself is understood and often not stated)
    tú TE lavas = you wash (yourself)
    él/ella/usted SE lava = he/she/you wash(es) (himself/herself/yourself)

    nosotros/nosotras NOS lavamos = we wash, DO wash, ARE washING (usually 3 English translations for any verb in the Present Indicative Tense) (ourselves)
    vosotros/vosotras os lavais = you(all, familiar plural) wash yourselves
    ellos/ellas/ustedes SE lavan = they/you-all (formal, plural) wash (themselves/yourselves)

    ANY Reflexive verb then uses these reflexive pronouns: me, te, se, nos, os, se

    Now, go back and insert the proper reflexive pronoun and get back to me on #1 - 4 because they would all be marked WRONG.

    Now, let's look at the 2nd part.
    12. Le doy means I am giving it to him/her/you-formal & singular. You can not suddenly change to" I am giving to myself. Plus la silla is a feminine, singular noun. It is REPLACED by the feminine singular pronoun = la. I'll do this one for you as a PATTERN for you to follow with the rest of them. Se la doy. = I give it (the chair, singular) to him/her/you-formal,singular. If I wish to spell out to WHOM I am giving it, I would add at the end: a él, a ella, a Usted. (for clarification of SE)

    I hate to tell you but the rest are all WRONG. Let's also mention the placement of Direct Object Pronouns = DIRECTLY in front of the conjugated verb. If you look at #12, the PATTERN I did for you, here is the word order when there are 2 object pronouns involved. Indirect Object Pronoun (le, which changes to SE when followed by "lo" or "la" for sound) + Direct Object Pronoun la (replacing the noun "la silla") + conjugated VERB. (Note the Indirect Object Pronoun is INDIRECTLY in front of the conjugated verb because the Direct Object Pronoun is DIRECTLY in front of the verb.

    Are there exceptions? YES. When an infinitive or gerund (-ndo) is involved, you have a CHOICE of EITHER in the usual position (at the beginning) or at the end AND attached to the infinitive or the gerund, often with a necessary accent mark for correct pronunciation. If you haven't done these yet, just hold the information for later.

    BIG EXCEPTION: In the case of an affirmative (positive) command you MUST attach any and all object pronouns to that command PLUS the necessary accent mark.

    RECAP of position with which you are working = IO + DO + Vb
    (indirect object pronoun + direct object pronoun + conjugated verb.

    Please get back to me as you can with ALL the sentences corrected for final proofreading!


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