Can you please tell me if all alternatives are possible? Thank you very much in advance.

1)How can you make a good impression on your interviewer?
2) How should you behave and what should you wear (?) if you want to make a good impression in a job interview?
3) How should you turn up in a job interview? What colours should you wear?
4) I enrolled (?) at Oxford university in 1992. I entered high school in 1887.
5) What does the colour blue suggest to the interviewer?
6) What shouldn't you forget to do before leaving the interview room?
7) What did Charlie's girlfriend do to (?) organize a suprise birthda party for her boyfriend?
8) You only studied the interviews you liked most instead of studying them all.
9) Pay attention (watch out, look out)! You are going to fall.

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  1. 7. birthday (+ y)


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  2. 1. ok
    2. How should you act and what should you wear to make a good impression during a job interview?
    3. omit
    4. High school should say 1987...lol
    5. ok, although it doesn't make sense..a color doesn't suggest anything..i would omit this too
    6. What should you remember to do before leaving the interview?
    7. What did Charlie's girlfriend do to organize a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend?
    8. OK
    9. Any

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