As "flap" is too informal, how can I replace it? Can you also tell me if the alternatives in parentheses are correct? Thank you a lot for your invaluable help.

1) As you got into a flap (meaning: get anxious?) during your oral test I'll test you again next week.
2) Each narration focuses on the impression which an external event leaves (also makes?) on the characters and on how it affects them (or how the latter are affected by them?)
3) Her childhood is affected by the presence of a violent and strict father, who prevents her from fulfilling her dreams.
4) We'll go first (?) to the optician's to get my new glasses and then we'll have a coffee at the cafè.
5) Did you remember (?) to switch off the gas before leaving?

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  1. Multiple post. Please refer to the later post, which I saw first for the ones that are repeated.

    4 & 5 are fine


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