LAL!(check my work thx)

check if the capitalized word is correct

1. americans have many different ways of CELEBRATING holidays. (gerund)

2. BRINGING customs and traditions from their homelands, immigrants add to the rich holiday mix in the US. (participle)

3. holidays BELONGING to 3 major groups are celebrated.(participle)

4. OBSERVING religious holidays is common throughout the US.(Gerund)

5. COMMEMORATING national holidays seems important to most Americans.(participle)

6. STAYING up late the night before makes the first holiday of the year seem like the shortest.(gerund)

7. many people celebrate new years day by MAKING noise. (gerund)

8. WEARING funny hats is also a part of new years festivities. (participle)

9.MAKING new years resolution is another tradition.(participle)

10. are you THINKING of making any resolutions this new years day?(gerund)

thank you

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  1. I disagree with your answers for 5, 8, and 9.

    This site has excellent explanations and examples of both gerunds and participles.

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