Using the formula: w=Cr^-2 where C is a constant, and r is the distance that the object is from the center of Earth. W is the weight.
1- Suppose an object is 100lbs when it is at sea level. Find the Value of C that makes the equation true. Sea level is 3,963 miles from the center of the Earth.

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  1. sub in the given data ...

    100 = C(3963)^-2
    C = 100(3963)^2 ... huge number

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  2. Would you not divide the big number by 100 to get C alone?

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  3. 100 = C(3963)^-2
    100 = C/3963^2 , so now we have to mutiply both sides by 3963^2 to get C alone, like I had

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