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Design a program in pseudocode that calculates the amount of money a person would earn over a period of time if their salary is one penny the first day, and then doubles each day. The program should ask the user for the number of days. Display what the salary was for each day, and then show the total pay for the end of the period. The output should be displayed in dollar amount, not number of pennies.

I have the code but i do not know if it works PLEASE HELP!!!!!:

Declare Integer days, counter = 1
Declare Real penny = 1, salary, total + 0

Display "Enter a number of days."
Input days
Display "Days",TAB,"Salary"

While counter<= days

Set salary = penny/100

Display counter, TAB, salary

Set penny = penny * 2
Set counter = counter + 1
Set total = total + salary
End While

Display "The total of your payment is$," total

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  1. It looks like it should work.

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  2. well i need help with the desk check as well to test it

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