What's the formula for this

were x is a variable
a is a constant
and n is some power that can change example


what's the general formula?

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  1. (x+a)^n = x^n + nx^(n-1)a + n(n-1)/2! x^(n-2)a^2 + n(n-1)n-2)/3! x^(n-3)a^3 + ... + a^n

    so (x+5)^4
    = x^4 + 4x^3(5) + 4(3)/2! x^2(5^2) + 4(3)(2)/3! x(5)^3 + (4)(3)(2)(1)/4! (5)^4
    = x^4 + 20x^3 + 150x^2 + 500x + 625

    How about trying the others.

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  2. draw a tree diagram to show all the possible outcomes of tossing a coin three times?

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