;A; Help writing a "topic sentence" about the dominican republic food?&& iwould need help on more of my essay .__. unfortunately theres no comment back button so idont know how i can do that either.

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  1. What did you learn so far? What are some food and drinks that they typically have?

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  2. So far i've learned that they have similar food to cuba and Puerto rico and some of their foods but icant post the site here iguess. I think i just need help writing it? Writing essays are very difficult for me and i have not had much practice. .___.;

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  3. Your topic sentence could be:

    Food in the Dominican Republic is similar to that in Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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  4. How long does your essay have to be? What is the exact topic? (Food and drink in the Dominican Republic?) Any more details I should know? I'm having trouble of coming up with a topic sentence too, especially without this information.

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  5. Jen -- a previous post said that this is only a 200-word essay.

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  6. Thanks, Ms. Sue. Danii- Ms. Sue's topic sentence could be a good one if you are able to compare and contrast the Dominican food to Cuban and Puerto Rican food.

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  7. Oh thank goodness i'm finally getting help .___. thanks a lot!! Ohkay, well my paper says that i just have to find what is usually eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner. And other info that pertains to the foods and/or the eating habits of the country.
    It has to be a 200 word essay @___@ and so far all i've put is..
    " Dominican Republic.!
    “Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song. “ – Jason Zebehaz
    When I found out I was doing Dominican Republic I was very much excited, because I had heard that the Dominican Republic’s food was similar to Puerto Rico and Cuba’s especially when I heard that I could make my personal favorite, Tres Leches. "
    Just to add at least something to get me started and less stressed out x___x

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  8. ohh...ohkay thanks you guys. I really appreciate it because since its the end of the year they seem to be jam packing projects on us. Can i continue getting help with doing this?

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  9. Yes, I went to the Dominican Republic once (Punta Cana). They had good food. I don't remember all of it, but I do remember very sweet desserts, and lots of meat and fish. If you search food and drink in the dominican republic, a lot comes up as well. I'm going to keep reading and see what I can find.

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  10. Danii -- Write about what else you've found about the food of the D.R.

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  11. Oh Jen you are a lifesaver i've been trying to work on this since I've gotten out of school. I really appreciate this.
    So farr ihave this informationz-->
    But i suppose i need more because she wants 3 website resources...
    But even then istill have to write the essay which i need help on too.
    Its alot of helping out so i understand if you cant. But anyway;

    In the DR, breakfast typically calls for a serving of "Mangu," a mix of plantains, cheese and bacon (which can be found at most hotel and resort restaurants). Mangu has been named the "mashed potatoes" of the Dominican Republic. Locals are also known to prepare the dish for evening meals.

    A foundation of the native diet, "La Bandera Dominicana," or the Dominican flag meal, is eaten by nearly everyone at lunch time. The most important meal of the day, La Bandera consists of rice, beans, meat, vegetables and fried plantains to ensure energy throughout the afternoon and evening.

    Another popular dish is "Sancocho," a Spanish-style stew usually served with rice. Ingredients include various roots, green plantains, avocado and typically chicken or beef, although it sometimes includes a combination of seven meats (Sancocho prieto). Goat meat, a staple in many Dominican homes, may also be used in this recipe.

    "Locrio," or Dominican rice, varies with its preparer. An adaptation of the Spanish paella, locrio is made with achiote (a colored dye produced from the seeds of the achiote plant), since saffron spice is unavailable.

    Other favorite Dominican dishes include:

    "chicharrones de pollo" (diced chunks of deep fried chicken)
    "yucca cassava" (type of bread)
    "monfogo" (plantain based dish)
    "ropo vieja" (seasoned and fried shredded beef served with rice and a side salad)
    "pastelitos" (meat-or -cheese filled pastry turnovers).

    Cakes, puddings, caramel-dipped fruits and creams are common for desserts.
    "bizcochos" (cakes with white cream topping)
    "dulce de leche" (milk cream flavored with coconut or fruit)
    "arroz con leche" (rice pudding)

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  12. Danii-I will be off and on the computer for a few more hours. Try to start writing it and then I'll be back to check on you as soon as I can.

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  13. Ms. Sue its hard for me to just put everything together..? I'm confused on how to write. I suppose i have a start but after that do i just say the D.R usually eats thisthisthisthis and then that's it...? .__.

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  14. I'm having to also make a tres leches cake. .___. so i'm working on that now.

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