Algebra For questions 1-5, find the value of the variable.
x =

(1 point)

y =

(1 point)

x =

(1 point)

x =

(1 point)

5. (1 point)
x = , y = , b = 90
x = , y = 3, b = 95
x = , y = 2, b = 90
x = , y = , b = 130
In Exercises 6-8, decide whether the statement is true or false. If true, explain why. If false, show a counterexample.
6. A quadrilateral with congruent diagonals is an isosceles trapezoid or rectangle. (1 point)
True; diagonals are congruent in the following example:

False; diagonals are equal in the following example:

False; diagonals are equal in the following example:

7. The diagonals of a kite separate the quadrilateral into four congruent triangles. (1 point)
False; no triangles are congruent.
False; only two triangles at a time are congruent.

True; four triangles are congruent.
8. Each diagonal of a kite bisects two angles of the kite. (1 point)

Give the coordinates for point A without using any new variables.
9. (1 point)
(m, n)
(m, 0)
(n, m)
(0, n)
10. (1 point)
(k, p)
(-k, p)
(k, 0)
(0, p)

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  1. Do you go to Connectionsacademy?? i have this test too.. It so hard.... I need these answers if you get them please

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  2. 1)51

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    posted by kalia
  3. thank ya soooo much...this really helped ;)

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    posted by Jordan
  4. Is this true or false (-5)sqeure roof of two

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