Thanks for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences too?

1)Particular attention is paid to the analysis ad recollection of the impressions that an outside event causes in the inner world of the characters.
2) The facts are presented from different points of view at the same time rather than through the voice of an omniscient narrator.
3) The presentation of the characters is therefore introspective rather than descriptive.
4) In order to give a realistic framework to the characters’ formless thoughts he makes use of literary devices such as the free indirect speech, the epiphany and the interior monologue.
5) In “Dubliners” each story is told from the perspective of a character in the form of free indirect speech or thought. The mediation on the part of the narrator is reduced to a minimum.

6) Are these two sentences possible?
She recommended me to read the book.
She recommended I should read the book.

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  1. On the 6 one, say this: She recommended THAT I should read the book.

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