I forgot to include these sentences. I rally hope you can have a look at them too.
1) Eveline recollects episodes from her childhood. In particular, she thinks of (?) the field near her house, in which sh used to play with her brothers.
2)Her brother was the only one who never played because he was too grown-up.
3) On the other hand, Keogh used to keep a watch out when he saw her father coming.
4) At that time her father wasn't as strict and violent as in the present and her mother was still alive.
5)Now she is sitting at the window in her room. She looks around it considering all the familiar objects she used to dust and from which she has never thought of being separeted.
6) He arrived on the island of Laputa, on which lived absen-minded astronomers.

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  1. 1. Get rid of (?).

    2. Delete the hyphen between "grown" and "up."

    3. fine

    4. is a compound sentence. Where could you separate it into two complete sentences? At that point, you need to add a comma before the conjunction.

    5. Watch spelling of the last word.

    6. Check spelling.

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