I need help with a few Spanish questions. These are the instructions. Re-write the following sentences replacing the underlined direct object with a direct
object pronoun. Remember, the direct object pronoun needs to be placed directly in
front of the conjugated verb.

16. Yo veo las sillas.
Me veo las estrellas.

17. Maria escucha (listens to) la música.
María está eschucha música.

18. Sara llama a Pedro.
Sara llama Pedro.

19. Nosotros levantamos los libros.
Estamos levantamos los libros.

20. Ellos hablan el español.
Se habla español.

These are the questions and my answers. They were wrong and I am not sure what the correct answers would be. I would be grateful for any assistance. Cheers!

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  1. Yes, ALL your answers are incorrect. First of all the direct-object pronoun that substitutes for a noun will have the same number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine or feminine). Here is a list of what you will be working with:

    me, te, nos, os = you don't really have to concentrate too much because for these forms the indirect-object pronouns will be the same. The difference in English is, for an indirect-object you MUST either STATE or have UNDERSTOOD: to, for, at, from

    Just hold that thought until you study indirect-object pronouns. When it comes to the 3rd person (singular or plural) then you have to understand about number and gender.

    lo, la, los, las

    16. noun = las sillas / direct object = las
    Yo las veo.

    17. noun = la música / direct object = la
    María la escucha.

    18. noun = Pedro (with the "personal a" to identify a person) / direct object = lo
    Sara lo llama.

    19. noun = los libros / direct-object = los
    Nosotros los levantamos.

    20. noun = el español / direct-object = lo
    Ellos lo hablan.

    Notice how the subject and the verb did not change. Only the direct-object noun changed to the direct-object and shifted position to in front (directly in front!) of the conjugated verb.

    Now, YOU should try some examples to see if you have it!


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