I know this is supposed to be a really easy concept, but I need help with balancing redox reactions:

KClO3 ==> KCl + O2

My textbook says to write the ionic equation next, which I have written like:

K(+1) + ClO3(-1) ==> K(+1) + Cl(-1) + O2(-2)

(the number in parentheses indicates the charge)

Is this correct so far? Where do I go from here? Thanks so much!!! :)

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asked by Emily
  1. I am assuming you are learning to balance redox equations by using simple ones that can be balanced by inspection.
    2KClO3 ==> 2KCl + 3O2.

    Frankly, I think this one is a poor one to start with.

    If you want to balance by redox methods, the next step is to
    a. determine the oxidation state of each element.
    b. compare the oxidation state on the left side and right side and determine the number of electrons lost or gained (Many mistakes are made with this step because you must compare the same number of atoms and not a different number.).
    c. Make the electron loss = electron gain by multiplying the oxidn half with the redn half
    d. finally, balance the spectator ions.
    I'll help get you started. Cl is +5 on the left and -1 on the right. Oxygen is -2 on the left and zero on the right.

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