In which pair(s) would boiling occur? (Each pair corresponds to one row of the table)

a. 760 {mm,Hg} 700 {mm, Hg}
b. 480 {torr} 480 {mm, Hg}
c. 1.20 {atm} 912 {mm, Hg}
d. 1020{mm,Hg} 760 {mm, Hg}
e. 740 {torr} 1.00 {atm}

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asked by Aaron
  1. Aaron, I don't have the foggiest idea of what you are asking nor what the data shows.

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  2. I have to figure out which Atmospheric Pressure and Vapour Pressure pairs would cause boiling.

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    posted by Aaron
  3. OK. Do you know the definition of boiling point? When the vapor pressure of the material is atmospheric pressure, the material will boil(is boiling). So
    atm = 760 and vp 700, no boiling.
    480 torr and 480 mm, boiling.
    Don't forget to compare the same units.

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