Suppose that a steel hoop could be constructed to fit just around the earth's equator at a temperature of 20.0 Celsius.

What would be the thickness of space between the hoop and the earth if the temperature of the hoop were increased by 0.200 C?
Use 6.38×106m for the radius of the earth, and 1.20×10−5K^-1 for the coefficient of linear expansion of steel.

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  1. The increase in hoop length would be
    delta L = (2 pi R)*delta T*1.2*10^-5 = 96.2 m

    The radius increases by the same factor, 1.2*10^-5*0.2 = 2.4*10^-6.
    Multiply that by the original radius.
    The new hoop radius is larger by 15.3 m

    That is how high the hoop will rise above the surface

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