"Y912f", please givethis note to your pare

"Y912f", please give the follow note to your parents.

Dear Parents of Y912f,

Your daughter has been receiving help from Jiskha for quite some time.
Our task on this site is to "help" students learn, not do their work for them.

It has become obvious that "Y" needs additional help with a paper. Please take the time to sit down with her and go through this assignment.
Since you have chosen to homeschool her, then you have also chosen to be responsible for her success.

GuruBlue, Jiskha volunteer teacher

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  1. Dear Parents of Y912f,

    I agree totally with GuruBlue.

    Please seriously consider allowing your daughters to attend a regular school next year. Their education is woefully inadequate under this home schooling plan. They need regular interaction with live teachers and other students.

    Ms. Sue, Jiskha volunteer teacher

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  2. Thank you guys so much for your help.
    I just thought I could trust this website enough to get a tutor to fill out an 'adult' sheet for me. But I guess not.
    Thank you for your opinions about my homeschooling

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  3. Y -- please look at your previous post. I filled out the adult sheet for you about 2:15 this afternoon!

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