rational expression reduce to lcd

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  1. The way you typed it ....
    = 4

    If you meant ....
    3/(2y-3) - 3/(2y+4) then
    = (3(2y+4) - 3(2y-3))/((2y-3)(2y+4))
    = (6y+12-6y+9)/((2y-3)(2y+4))
    = 21/((2y-3)(2y+4))

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  2. 3/(2y) - 3/(2y+4)
    = [3(2y+4) -3(2y]/[(2y)(2y+4)]
    = [6y +12 -6y]/[(2y)(2y+4)]
    = 12/[(2y)(2y+4)]

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  3. I interpreted your problem differently from Reiny due to the ambiguous lack of parentheses.

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