Grammar and Composition


Desert Island Essay

Pre-writing Sheet:
Step 1: Choosing a Topic
-Caribbean Islands
-Adriatic Islands
-Baltic Islands
-Mediterranean Islands
-Pacific Islands

Step 2: Narrowing a Topic
-Caribbean Islands~Barbados~Bridgetown, Barbados

-The Island I chose is one of the Caribbean Islands

- I chose Barbados as my topic

-My topic will be about Bridgetown, Barbados.

Step 3: Arrangign Details
-The type of essay being written is a narrative essay. This essay will be organized chronologically. It will explain a series of events in the order in which they occurred. The narrative essay will tell a story based on an imaginative event. The story will be organized in a chronological order as follows:
Topic: Banishment to the Island of Barbados
1. Why I was banished to the Island and by whom
2. Adjusting to the environment
3. Using resources (my companions, books, supplies, etc.)
4. Setting food on the Island

Drafting-Organization Sheet
1. Broad subject: A desert Island
2. Limited Topic for Thesis Statement: Barbados
3. Limited Topic for Thesis Statement: Survival Barbados
4. Three-Step Format for Thesis Statement:1) Learning about the environment and climate of Barbados
2) Getting help from companion and book
3) How to get food on the Island

5. Thesis statement with Three-Step Format:
When I was banished to Barbados, I learned to survive by adjusting myself to the environment. Using resources to my advantage, and getting a good supply of food from the Island.

I'm about to post up the directions and requirements for this essay. But this was all my pre writing that I did.
Grammar and Composition - y912f, Friday, May 14, 2010 at 1:26pm
Deserted Island Essay:
The format for this essay should be based on the Five-Paragraph Essay format. Use the following suggestions to create an island, details, and tone for your essay. As you read through the suggestions, you will realize that you could write pages for this assignment. However, you must select which items you want to include in your essay and which ones you want to leave out. The details must fit into a Five-Paragraph Essay. You will have to do a little research for this assignment to find an island and its location. The rest you can create.

-You are sent to a deserted island. Choose an island that is real, name the island and the location. There will be no people on this island other than you and a companion. The hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, houses, people etc. are no longer there.

-Where is the island located? What is the landscape, climate, vegetation, animals etc.? What food supplies are available? How will food be gathered and prepared? Is water available for drinking? IS it safe?

-You are banished by me. You will be on the island forever. This punishment will be tempered with kindness. Since you have never seen me ad don't know me personally, you can create characteristics about me. (You probably already have some kind of visual image about me any way.) Why did I send you there? Do not include anything evil about me or why you were sent.

-You may take a person of your choosing. It may be a male or a female who is alive, dead, or fictional. No matter whom you choose, these will be no children. Explain why you are taking this person.

-You may take 3 books with you. Please make them real books. You must give authors and titles. One year's subscription to a magazine counts as one book, and this will be taken with you. Explain why you took these books.

-You are also allowed one suitcase for each person Explain why and what you have taken in each suitcase.

-You may have already died and left a written legacy, or you may be still living and telling the story.

-You may use chronolocial organization and gie a sequential account of events, or you may use spatial order and order your ifomration based on the arrangement of the island, or you may want to use topical arrangement and explain how the island is divided. You decide which type of organization is best for the details that you want to include.

Now, I will post my essay. These were the directions for the essay. What I need is for an adult to compete the Revision Sheet for me, which I will post after my essay.

my essay:

The island of Barbados is approximately 1600 miles away from the United States. Seeing as it’s my new home, there is no going back. I have been living on the island of Barbados ever since I was banished there by my teacher for not completing my assignments on time. It is a deserted island with little to offer. Survival on the island has not been easy and each day brings new challenges. However, I have learned how to endure every day. After being banished to live on Barbados, I learned to survive by adjusting myself to the environment, using resources to my advantage, and getting a good supply of food from the island.
An important rule of survival is adjusting to the new environment. This was my first task upon arriving. Barbados is a Caribbean island located in the West Indies. The landscape is noticeably different than how I imagined it to be. The coast of Barbados is completely surrounded by coral reefs. Fortunately, the land is hilly rather than mountainous and falls in terraces and flat, coastal strips, making it easier to navigate. Another auspicious fact about Barbados is its pleasant climate. The island enjoys a tropical climate year-round, although paired with continual rainfall. Temperatures vary from 76° to 80° Fahrenheit. Rainfall can reach up to 40 inches annually. The last detail I observed about my new surroundings was the abundance of flora and fauna. Although there are no large forests, trees such as palm, mahogany, and almond dot the land. Vegetation includes a variety of flowers and shrubs such as wild roses, carnation, lilies, and cacti. These observations helped me become familiar with the new location.

The next survival technique I learned was using resources to my advantage. These include natural resources provided by the island, as well as those I brought with me. A small suitcase I have carried with me contains useful items. I have packed tools such as knives to use for food, clothing, construction, killing animals, building a shelter, etc. Also, since Barbados has warm weather, I have packed light clothing. In addition, plastic containers are to be used for storing fresh drinking water and fish hooks and fishing lines will be ideal for getting food. A rope is necessary for building a shelter and steel plates would be perfect for cooking over a fire. Extra items include blankets, matches, and sanitary items. Besides these articles, I have also brought along three helpful books. The first is Explore Barbados by Harry S. Pariser. I chose this book because it offers a guide to the island, and would help me adjust to my surroundings. The second book I packed is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Although this book will not help me find buried treasure, it nevertheless offers an escape by telling about the adventures people have had on islands. Lastly, I would take one year’s subscription to the Travel Writer’s Magazine by Ron Bernthal. This magazine lists interesting activities in locations such as Barbados and even suggests tips on how to live in an island environment. These resources will aid me in my task of survival.
My final, and most important, duty is to get food from the island. Because Barbados is an importer of meat and dairy products, it houses sheep, hogs, goats, chickens, and several types of fishes, the most common being flying fish, dolphin fish, tuna, turbot, kingfish, and swordfish. The natural wildlife, however, is limited to a few mammals and birds. My daily diet consists primarily of meat and dairy products, including produce from goats, chickens and fish. There are also many crops that can grow in Barbados, including sugarcane, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, and a variety of beans. In fact, almost half the land is classified as arable. These crops would offer a vegetable portion to my diet. Safe drinking water is also readily available. Thus, I gather my food by farming, fishing, and hunting.
Therefore, I have managed to survive on the deserted island of Barbados by getting used to the new location, utilize natural and personal resources for my benefit, and maintaining a continuous supply of food. By employing these survival techniques, I have been able to live a difficult, yet satisfying, lifestyle. The island has much to offer, with its flood of vegetation, enjoyable climate, and natural food sources. Moreover, I learned to make use of my personal belongings in order to endure each day. Thus, only by altering my adaptations have I managed the job of survival. As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

I will post the Revision sheet, which a tutor has to complete for me, Then, according to their comments, I have to rewrite my essay following the comments.

Five-Paragraph Essay Revision Sheet
(Can someone please take some time out to complete this for me, according to my essay above)

Explain why this paragraph GETS YOUR ATTENTION. OR Explain why this paragraph FAILS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION.


Explain how the FIRST POINT is developed in this paragraph.

What is good about this paragraph?

How could this paragraph be improved?

Explain how the SECOND POINT is developed in this paragraph.

What is good about this paragraph?

How could this paragraph be improved?

Explain how the THIRD POINT is developed in this paragraph.

What is good about this paragraph?

How can this paragraph be improved?

Paragraph#5: Conclusion


Does your essay contain APPROPRIATE TRANSITIONS to help your reader understand your essay? Explain how the transitions help to connect the ideas and clarify the essay.

What is your POINT OF VIEW? Can you make your POINT OF VIEW more consistent?

Check this essay for mechanical errors.
-Word usage
-Complete sentences -(check for snetence fragments and sentence run-ons)

I will be waiting for someone to complete this. Please do this ASAP.

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    Isn't a peer tutor supposed to fill out the revision sheet?

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