It is a story problem. Courtney has 27 chocolate chip cookies and 36 oatmeal raisin cookies. She needs to arrange them on trays. She doesnt want to combine either type of cookies and she wants the same number on each tray. What is the largest number of cookies she can hve on each tray?

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  1. Notice that 9 is the largest common factor of both 36 and 27

    so we place the chocolate cookies on 3 trays of 9 each
    and the oatmeal cookies on 4 trays of 9 each.

    looks like 9 is the number you are looking for.

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  2. Oh that makes sense. I forgot to look at the largest common factor. Thank you, I was thinking it was every other and how many can fit onto a tray! Thank you! That may help me in my other problem as well!

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  3. Yes the answer is 9 period.

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