just want to know if i am in the right direction make example sentence for praticing generalization, discrimination, extinctiom, spontaneous recovery, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment

1.John was frightened by a barking lunging spaie. Now he is afraid of all dogs
2.Anna stoops speeding after he has to an expensive fine
3. Anna retires from alife of crime after being spanked for stealing his brother's candy bar
positive reinforcement
4. the baby quiets easily after mom picks her up to soothe her
negative reinforcement
5.the dog stays out of the garbage can after he gets swatted with a newspaper for trying to retrieve last night's leftover
positive reinforcement
6. Pat takes off her jacket whenever she strts to get too hot
7. Anna was frightened by a german shepherd when she was five, but now she is happy whenever she sees a dog

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  1. 3. Stealing a candy bar is a "life of crime"?

    Your example for 5 is punishment. Negative reinforcement is taking away a negative reinforcer, e.g., a rat stops a shock by pushing on a lever.

    7. Not a clear example. Why should she be happy? What happened? How did this differ from 1?

    In conditioning, when a response is no longer followed by reward, it gradually goes to extinction.

    The rest are correct.

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