"Do the two inequalities have the same solutions? Wriet yes or no.

-5x > 0
x > 0

Solve each inequality and ch eck your solution.

9x > 81

help please?


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  1. -5x > 0
    -5x/-5 > 0/-5
    x < 0 since we are dividing by a negative, the inequality changes
    so, no the answer is not the same

    9x > 81
    x > 81/9
    x > 9

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  2. first one no:
    when dividing by a negative you need to flip the inequality sign
    -5x > 0 = x < 0
    x<0 doesn't equal x>0

    the second
    x> 81/9
    x> 9

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  3. A 3-mi cab ride costs $3.00. A 6-mi cab ride costs $4.80. Find a linear equation that models cost c as a function of distance d.

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  4. you should have posted as a new question

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  5. Can you help me on this problem as well? (or anyone.)

    Solve each inequality and check your solution.

    - > -7

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