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    What is the solubility equilibrium for Mn3(PO4)2? Isn't it this.. Mn3(PO4)2 (s) --> 3Mn^+2 (aq) + 2PO4^-3 (aq) but i keep getting it wrong. suggestions?

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    Gary learned that the value of his car depreciates by 15% per year. Which of the following functions best describes the value of his car the year after the car is worth m dollars? A. f(m) = 0.15m B. f(m) = 0.85m C. f(m) = 1 -

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    Factor the expression m^2-3mn-28n^2 A. (m+4n)(m-7n) this is my answer. is it correct?

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    what is the molar solubility of barium fluoride in 0.15M NaF at 25 degrees C?

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    Calculate the enthalpy of formation of maganese (IV) oxide based on the following information. 4Al(s) + 3MnO2(s) --> 3Mn(s) + 2Al2O3(s) Delta H = -1790 kJ 2Al(s) + 3/2O2 (g) ---> Al2O3 (s) Delta Hf = -1676 kJ

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    Calculate the pH of 0.15M hydrazoic acid, HN3 . Ka = 1.8 x 10-5 .

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