Write the equilibrium expression Qc for the following:
I don't even know where to start with this one can you help please.
Thanks andy

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asked by Andy
  1. Can you write Keq? Qc is done the same way.

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  2. Dr Bob
    NO I don't know how too do Keq..
    Can you give me some starts on this problem please.Thanks andy

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    posted by Andy
  3. Keq = (products)^x/(reactants)^y
    It's the concn of the products divided by the products of the concn of the reactants, and raise each concn to the power indicated by the coefficients in the balanced equation. For the reaction
    2A + 3B = C + 3D, Keq is

    Keq = (C)(D)^3/(A)^2(B)^3

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  4. is the above equation balanced?
    if not how do you balance it (I suck at this)
    thanks Andy

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    posted by Andy

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