A total of 129 players entered a single elimination handball tournament. In the first round of play, the top seeded player received a bye and the remaining 128 players played in 64 matches. Thus 65 players entered the second round of play. How many matches must be played to determine the tournament champion?

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  1. A carpenter has three large boxes. Inside each large box are two medium sized boxes. Inside each medium sized box are five small boxes. How many boxes are there altogether?

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  2. Hmm, the second one is quite simple, i will walk you through what you need to do:
    There are 3 large boxes
    There are 2 medium boxes in each large box.
    Sense there are 3 large boxes and each box has 2, you could multiply 3x2 and get 6.
    So far all together, there are 6 boxes.
    In each meduim box there are 5 small boxes.
    You could then multiply 6x5 and get a total of 30 boxes.
    Hope this helped!

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