I am designing a procedure for a lab where I have to use indicators to create an acid-base table from 6 solutions. I am just wondering...if I put a drop of indicator into a solution, do I have to dispose of it and obtain new solution before putting in another type of indicator? It makes sense to dispose of the solution after each indicator, but that's a lot of waste.

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  1. There are a few indicators that can be mixed but there are no general rules. I think the safest thing to do is to dispose of the old sample and begin again with each indicator. It need not be a waste, however, as it only takes a few mL of solution. By the way, I don't remember, but were you the author of that Eo problem where we obtained something x 10^-192 for K? If so, I left a message for you last night that the problem asked for pK, not K.

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  2. Ok, yes you're right. Thank you!

    No, I'm not. :)

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