I forgot to inclue a few more sentences. Are the parenthetical statements all possible? Thanks for your invaluable help

1) What clothes are popular among English teenagers at the moment?
Skinny, washed-out jeans, striped T-shirts, sneakers and baseball caps. Did I forget anything? Are studded belts and boot-cut jeans also popular?
2) How do you call a shawl which covers only your shoulders?
3) What clothes do you usually wear?
I usually wear sports clothes, a striped polo shirt over a pair of jeans.
4) I associate spring with the rebirth of nature but also with laziness and tiredness. The first flowers open (or come out, bloom?), the trees blossom and the days draw out.
5) The animals come out of hibernation.
6) In spring I feel like hanging out till late with my friends (eating ice-creams, spending time outside, playing football, lying in the sun on a deckchair, having picnics or barbecues in the country or on the beach, going for a ride on my motorbike/bike??)

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  1. 1. Say "skinny and washed out jeans". Boot cut jeans are also popular.
    6. Instead of till say until. There is only one l. Say "ice cream" (no hyphen or s).

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