The teacher wants us to write 5 questions using verb tense on the role of education in success of financial planning. I am not sure what she is asking. can any budy help?

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  1. Your subject is not college. Your subject is English or verbs.

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  2. I think you mean "anybody," right?

    You might use a variety of verb tenses. I'll give you some examples with a slightly different topic. Then when you come up with your own sentences regarding "the role of education in success..." you can post them, and someone here will be happy to critique them for you.


    Well educated women will usually raise children who do well in school.
    (Future tense, active voice: "will raise")

    In some countries, the public education system is controlled by the state.
    (Present tense, passive voice: "is controlled")

    In order to understand the concept of educating the young in a society, he has read The Saber-Tooth Curriculum.
    (Present perfect tense, active voice: "has read")

    Here are some websites about English verb tenses:

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  3. I am taking an english class with the same question right now. I am a bit confues too but I think the question for example means to write:

    Education plays a big role in financial success. Then put what type of verb tense is being used and use the same sentence but with different verb tense in each.

    Education will play a big role in financial success.

    That's how I am taking the assignment. I'm not sure if its right. When I get graded I will post back and let you know if that's what the teacher is asking for.

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