Supplies on invoice are 4 bottles alcohol @ 2.29 each =9.00 3 thermometers @ 1.95 each=5.85 6 boxes cotton @ .29 each=1.74 6 bottles mouthwash @ .89 each=5.34 11 crtns cotton swabs @.39 each=4.29 3 hypo needles @ .39 each=1.17 Dr. receives 3% disc, and sales tax is 6%. Total shown on invoice is 26.14 Total supplies amt is 27.39 minus 82cents disc is 26.57 = 6% tax is 28.16 Is this figured correctly? Thanks

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  1. 4 x 2.29 is not 9.00

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  2. my bad it should have been 4bottles x 2.25

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