Business Communications

How might a person present company or industry specific information without using jargon? I know what jargon is, I just do not know how not use it.

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  1. I'd keep a good thesaurus handy -- in print or online. You can look up jargon and get definitions and/or synonyms that should help.

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  2. This is not what I asked. I asked how a person might present company or industry specific information without using jargon? I did not want a definition or synonym for jargon. I know that jargon is a way of talking that is coded that certain people know what is being said.

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  3. You don't need a definition of "jargon" -- you need definitions/synonyms of the jargonish words so that whatever you write is understandable by anyone around, not just those who are immersed in that business.

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