23. The ___ axis represents the independent variable.


21. Name the set(s) of numbers to which 1.68 belongs.
a. rational numbers
b. natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers
c. rational numbers, irrational numbers
d. none of the above

I'm not sure

27. The _____ contains all values of the dependent variable.
a. domain
b. range
c. origin
d. axis


18. Find the domain and range of the relation.


65 42
36 37
29 37
29 17

a. domain: (29, 29, 36)
range: (17,37, 42)
b. domain: (29, 29, 36)
range: (37, 37, 42)
c. domain: (29, 36, 65)
range: (37, 37, 42)
d. domain: (29, 36, 65)
range: (17, 37, 42)


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  1. 23, 27 and 31 are correct.
    The answer to 21 is a

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  2. There is no 31
    there is 18

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  3. Yes, I meant 18.

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