sentences please help

whats a sentence for rivals, otanist, nurient.

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  1. sorry the 2nd one is is botanist

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  2. Any good dictionary should be able to help you figure out how to write a sentence for these words. Here are two:

    Look up each word and give it a try. Post what you come up with, and someone here will be able to comment or correct you.

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  3. Look each word up in a good dictionary. A Thesaurus will give you synonyms and antonyms, if your dictionary does not. Select a word you are already familiar with, write a sentence with that and then substitute the new word.


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  4. Rival = a person or group that competes with another

    botanist = somebody with an expert scientific knowledge of, or a strong interest in, plants

    nutrient = a substance that provides nourishment, e.g. the minerals that a plant takes from the soil or the constituents in food that keep a human body healthy and help it to grow

    * Note the spelling it's Nutrient, not nurient.

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  5. After knowing their definiton, what they mean you should easily be able to come up with some sentences for each of those words.

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