Hi. I have to write a speech for student council vice president...this is what i have. tell me what you think!
Hi! I’m Ella and I would like to be your student council vice president. You should vote for me because I am responsible, creative, good with people, and I would try my absolute best to make sure that you have an incredible 2010-2011 school year! If I were your student council vice president I promise to offer new and fun-filled activities and fundraisers. Some of my ideas are:
• Having a bake sale. But this would not be a regular bake sale. Someone would make their favorite dessert such as chocolate chip cookies and you would get to be the judge on which cookie recipe is the best.
• Having a Trivia Time. Now I know this doesn’t sound too exciting but I’m sure that it would if you got a prize for every round of trivia you answered. The questions wouldn’t all be school based and would be about some of your favorite shows and singers.
• Also having a Move-a-Thon. This fundraiser would help you get up and move. You would get a chance to compete in raises and other challenges and the winner is given a special prize.
I am not promising you that I will be able to make all of my ideas happen, but I am promising that I would help Student Council come up with new exciting activities for the school. So remember, vote for Ella for vice president, and you will have a fantastic year.

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  1. Good considering this is year's old but say that you should and would have trash pickups

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