im in college and i need to know what are genres and can you give me a few sentences to use in how my reading has influences my writing and give me some design texts to my writing skills. i read recently in a magazine on credit , relationships,mental health and can you give adesign text please. im in need of help.

Genres are simply different types of writing. The four largest categories are poetry, prose fiction, prose non-fiction, and drama. Within each of those are additional genres. For example, science fiction is within the genre of prose fiction; one-act plays are within the genre of drama; ballads and epic poems are two within the genre of poetry.

If you go to www.onelook.com (an excellent dictionary website, by the way!) and enter "genre," this is the resulting webpage: http://www.onelook.com/?w=genre&ls=a
Among the quick definitions at the right, the first two are what you're looking for. In addition, click on the Oxford or American Heritage links at the left to see further definitions.

I don't know what design texts are, and I don't know how YOUR reading has influenced YOUR writing -- although just about everyone's writing improves if he or she does a lot of reading.


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