Can you help me paraphrase the meaning of the following lines?
1)The plants are described as "veins bathed in liquor of such power as brings about the engendering of the flowers". The plants are described as veins soaked in a liquor of such power that it allows them to sprout (???)
2) He describes the gentle spring rain which ends the drought of March.
3)Finally, he refers to Zephyrus, the soft west wind which with his sweet stirs each grove gently)
4) The sun has run his course in the sign of the Ram. What does it mean?

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  1. 1. Generally that is it. "The lifesource of the plants has such a powerful liquid that it sprouts the flowers."

    2. March 's drough t is ended with the gentle spring rain.

    3. The Greek God Zephyrus is the god of the westwind, the harbringer of spring which blows gently over each grove.

    4. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, or the Ram, in March and April has the strongest sun. This implies that it is the end of April. The next sign is Taurus, the Bull.


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