Recall an event when you became aware of the importance of dividing chores evenly and fairly without being influenced by gender.

Can someone please explain this a little more clearly to me, I kind of get what it says, but I am not able to remember about such an incident. I think that I have been influenced only by gender, maybe age group as well. All your help will be appreciated, thanks:-)

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  1. I don't know if there are boys in your family...if so, are they selected to do the washing....sweaters, bras, knits, stockings?

    Are the girls selected to change the oil in the car?

    The question is WHEN did you become aware that jobs should be selected without being influenced by gender?

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  2. When I realized what being responsible means. After looking at my mom doing chores all day, it influenced me to do them as well.

    My brothers are younger than me, I don't mind if they do chores or not at this age.

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  3. What about at school? Are there any events there that were being unfairly awarded to either girls or boys?

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  4. No, I don't think so. I am not in any sports either so I'm not sure if there are any selections made unfairly regarding the boys and girls for teams, etc by the teachers.

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  5. In front of all the teachers in my school, boys and girls hold the same position. Neither one of them is better, etc. They are both same.

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