History/9th grade

I am trying to understand and I hope you can help me. I just want some more explaintion about the great depression. Why do people call it a leveler? I heard some kids over at the table next to me at lunch today. Like I said I just want to know. I am studing about presidents and not this one.

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asked by Nanci
  1. Hi Nanci,

    Please see my answer, it should help you.

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    posted by Lauri
  2. This site will give you a good overview.


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    posted by GuruBlue
  3. Nearly three -quarters of the people in Africa south of the Sahara live
    a.in growing urban areas
    b.in rural, agricultural villages
    c.north of the Equator
    d.in the rain forest

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    posted by Michelle
  4. What was new and a first for UK campaigning this year?

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    posted by Laura

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