are theses ALL complex sentences?

1.i will help you with your homework after you watch the baby.

2. jake stared at me as if he had seen a ghost. can order whatever you want from the menu.

4.we will be on time unless there is a traffic jam

5.if our teams wins, everyone will celebrate.

6.the police did not arrive until the thieves had left.

7.jill had her petition filled out so that she could run for office.

8.sandy cried because her dog ran away.

9.the rain ceased, and the stuff air cleared.

10.since i first saw you, i have wondered if we ever met before.


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asked by Sara!
  1. All are complex sentences except for #9. It's a compound sentence.

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    posted by Sara!
  3. No, it's a compound sentence -- which means there are two main clauses there.

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