7th grade

If one person leaves at 65 mph and another leaves at 70 mph 5 minutes laterwhere do the come together at the same point?

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asked by mary
  1. -Point 1-
    Person 1: 65 m
    Person 2: 70 m

    -Point 2-
    Person 1: 130 m
    Person 2: 140 m

    -Point 3-
    Person 1: 195 m
    Person 2: 210 m

    -Point 4-
    Person 1: 260 m
    Person 2: 280 m

    -Point 5-
    Person 1: 325 m
    Person 2: 350 m

    -Point 6-
    Person 1: 390 m
    Person 2: 420 m

    -Point 7-
    Person 1: 455 m
    Person 2: 490 m

    -Point 8-
    Person 1: 520 m
    Person 2: 560 m

    -Point 9-
    Person 1: 585 m
    Person 2: 630 m

    Get the pattern? Keep on going and you'll get the same point where they come together later.

    -Point 10-
    Multiply Person 1 (65) times point number (10) and multiply Person 2 (70) times point number (10)

    So on...

    Hope I helped!

    -6th grader

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